American style


A refreshing, clean beer that combines a light caramel base with subtle citrus hop notes.

Our beer goes perfectly with a juicy beef burger or a roast.



Citrus, Chinook, Columbus, Centennial

  1. Maltsmith iconDraught
  2. Maltsmith icon4.6% vol

Maltsmiths IPA and a beef burger  

With its hop flavour and clean bitterness, our American-style IPA is the perfect match for a rich beef burger. The tropical notes of the beer enhance the savoury taste of the meat, making this a mouth-watering lunchtime treat. 

Maltsmiths IPA and Roast

Maltsmiths ipa and a roast

With juicy meat, herby potatoes and a range of tasty veg all on one plate, a roast dinner is packed with flavour. This is why our brewers recommend enjoying an IPA while you tuck in – the refreshing beer goes perfectly! For added tastiness, bring out the caramel base of our American-style IPA with honey-roasted veg.