Pilsner style


The perfect refreshment. A crisp, clean, lager with pine, citrus and earthy hop notes.

Our beer goes beautifully with a chicken burger or some spicy fajitas.



Crystal, Aurora, Styrian Cardinal

  1. Maltsmith icon330ml
  2. Maltsmith icon660ml
  3. Maltsmith iconDraught
  4. Maltsmith icon4.6% vol
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Lager and Chicken Burger

Maltsmiths Lager and a chicken burger

Pilsner-style lagers are known for being some of the most refreshing around, which is why we recommend teaming our Maltsmiths lager with a lean chicken burger. The crispness of our lager brings out the flavour of the chicken - plus, the subtle citrus notes perfectly complement a sweet brioche bun!

Lager and Fajitas

Maltsmiths lager and fajitas

If you’re tucking into some spicy fajitas then you’ll love the refreshing pine and citrus notes of our lager. Whether you’ve gone for chicken, beef or veggie fajitas, pilsner-style beer helps to cut through the spice and control the heat.